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Lose Weight The Fun and Easy Way With This 2,000-Step, Fat-Burning Walking Workout

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Lose Weight The Fun and Easy Way With This 2,000-Step, Fat-Burning Walking Workout

This past year has been a real stressor, and many of us have tried to eat our stress away, resulting in unwanted pounds. Unfortunately, that added weight can cause all sorts of problems for us tennis players on the courts, but how can we shed it quickly and safely and hopefully have a good time doing it?

Thankfully, you don’t always need hit the gym or run miles on the treadmill to get in a weight loss sweat sesh — walking workouts are just as effective AND they can be done without any workout equipment. All you need is your own two feet and an open space in your home! And the best part about it is that it’s a low impact form of exercise so it won’t bother you knees!

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When surfing YouTube recently, we stumbled upon Rachel Gulotta, a NASM-certified personal trainer based in downtown LA. She posts about 3 new fitness videos each week and most are made for all fitness levels. For this particular sweat sesh, she will guide you through the walking workout where you’ll march in place, twist, grapevine, and groove to nu-disco songs. Her two cute dogs even make an appearance, lol!

Gulotta wrote on her YouTube video of this session that it’s a fat-burning routine amounting to just under 2,000 steps in 17 minutes (according to the video’s step counter, you’ll complete approximately 1,846 in total).

“You’ll walk to the beat, and there are cues for the upcoming movements, so you’ll never feel lost. Even though you’re only stepping, this routine is still intense enough to make you break a sweat!”

This is an easy workout that everyone can do, and honestly, it’s a way funner (yes, I made that word up!) option for getting in your 10,000 steps! And if you want to add more intensity to the workout and burn more calories, simply exaggerate your movements – especially the arms.

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So… you interested? Then press play and walk it out!

Tennis junkie, computer nerd, chronic coffee reheater, retired Disney princess. I am inspired by all things tennis, and if my articles inspire you, then my job here is done!

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