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Give The Tennis Gift That Keeps On Giving: Court Crate

court crate


Give The Tennis Gift That Keeps On Giving: Court Crate

I only know one person who actually enjoys spending hours (and hours, and hours…) at crowded stores in search of the best deals on tennis-y Christmas gifts…yeah, Norri, I’m talking about you :P

Fortunately for the rest of us, we don’t even have to leave the house because the awesome peeps at Court Crate will deliver a tennis-y Christmas right to our doors!

Court Crate was created by tennis players, so they know what products and brands we need and want. Kayvon Karimi ranked in the top 150 juniors in the world and played competitive collegiate tennis for Texas A&M as a blue-chip recruit, graduating with a BS in Business Psychology. For the past 12 years, he has been coaching tennis here in Texas. Kim Kantor graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BS in Business and Sports Management, which helped her open and run her own My Gym children’s fitness center and manage a large gym in Atlanta. From there she moved to the Dallas area to manage a tennis facility and gym, which is where she first met Kayvon, her tennis instructor and soon to be partner.

As their friendship grew, so did the idea of Court Crate.

“We saw this as a great opportunity to spread the love of tennis to all.” — Kim Kantor

Court Crate is a monthly subscription service just for tennis players, delivering 6-8 tennis essentials, accessories and performance-enhancing products, including those we already know and love along with those we’ve never tried before. New tennis awesomeness delivered to my door every month?! Seriously…how cool is that?

Kayvon and Kim aren’t just about tennis, though. They are a team that also gives back, for part of every sale goes to a wonderful organization, Emily’s Place. Check it out, and feel good knowing that your subscription is not just a win for you (or your gift recipient), but for also for others who are in need.

Use this code: Crates4all 
and receive $5 off your order!

Well, I just got my first Court Crate today, and I feel like a little kid in a toy shop, only I’m a grown-ass woman in my living room, lol!

Check it out, and you’ll see what I mean…here’s everything that came in my Court Crate:

Court Crate

NOTE: Obviously, my crate has more than 6-8 products because Kim wanted me to see for myself the incredible variety and quality of what they have for us. Regardless of the number of products in each box, the total value will always be more than what you pay.

  • PRO PENN “MARATHON” EXTRA DUTY TENNIS BALLS. Of course, because, well…you can’t play tennis without ’em!
  • WILSON “REVOLVE” RACQUET STRINGS. Made from crosslink ester polymer and UHMW…I have no idea what all that means, but I do know that these strings provide exceptional power and spin.
  • TOURNA ROSIN BAG. On the court, our hands sweat, so this will come in handy (pun intended!) A neat thing about these rosin bags is that they store in their own little ziplock pouch, so no funky powdery residue in your tennis bag!
  • BABOLAT “PRO TACKY” OVERGRIP (3-PACK). If you’ve never tried a “tacky” overgrip, it is what it says. Instead of feeling slippery when your hands sweat, this absorbs sweat and makes your grip feel a little tacky (NOT sticky) so you can really grip it and rip it!
  • WRISTPECT SPORT “INDIAN & WELLS” WRISTBAND SET. YAAAASSSS!! THESE. ARE. THE. BEST!!! I have several pairs of these (not in this pattern though, so that’s a double win for me!) and though they have been through tennis hell and back, and washed countless times, they still look (and absorb sweat) like new!
  • SURFACE “SHEER TOUCH” BODY AND FACE STICK 50+ SPF. As someone who’s only 32 and already had 3 precancerous moles removed, I can never say enough how important sunscreen is! What I really I like about this sunscreen is that you just rub it on like deodorant, but on your face and body – no need to use your hands! It’s super light and smells amazing, too! Other features: water resistant (80 minutes), hypoallergenic, paraben-free and cruelty-free, and safe for the kiddos!
  • NUUN “WATERMELON” HYDRATION TABLETS (10-PACK). Just one of these little tablets added to your water bottle really does the trick in keeping you hydrated during a long hot match, or heavy-duty workout or run. These are going straight into my tennis bag so when I’m at my next match, I’ll be ready to mix up a healthy, replenishing drink that will keep me going!
  • VICTORIA’S SECRET “PINK” SOCKS (2 PR.) OMG…too presh! AND I can wear these both on and off the court!
  • COURT CRATE HAND WARMERS (3-COUNT). Like…WOW! How awesome are these, am I right?! I shook one up this morning and it got toasty-warm. I tried it again at lunch, and sure enough, it heated back up just like before. And about an hour ago, I shook it (and squeezed it) again, and though it did get warm, it wasn’t as warm as before and it didn’t last long at all before going cold permanently. I’m not sure how long it stayed warm in total, but it was a looooooong time! I can’t wait for the weather to get cold here so I can use them in a match! Just shake ’em up and slip them in your pockets so you can reach in and hold them between points or games. And if you don’t have pockets, shake them up before a match and leave them in your bag, and then between changeovers, give your hands a quick n toasty treat!
  • BONUS: As if all that wasn’t enough, there was also a little nutrition in the form of energizing “Sport Beans”, and an organic protein bar and shake mix. Y’all know I’m a health nut, and I was thrilled to see these were included.

To get your own Court Crate, simply go to their website, choose your subscription (or one-time purchase) and answer a few questions (to make sure you get the products you want):

  • ONE-TIME PURCHASE: Choose either the men’s or women’s box ($37)
  • MONTH-TO-MONTH: You get a new box every month ($32/month)
  • 3-MONTH (PREPAID): You get a new box for 3 months ($87)
  • 6-MONTH (PRE-PAID): You get a new box for 6 months ($162)

Use this code: Crates4all
and receive $5 off your order!


Shipping is FREE, and there are no contracts, so you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time!

Court Crate is the perfect gift for every occasion – birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation Day… Congrats On Your New Promotion Day (ok, it’s not a “day”, but it is an occasion, lol!) And with Christmas right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get Court Crate, either as a gift for yourself or for the special tennis player, team captain, or tennis coach into your life!

And be sure and share this post with all of your tennis pals and gals so they can get some tennis awesomeness delivered to their doors too!

Disclaimer: The Court Crate was provided by Court Crate so that I could use and test it; however, the review itself contains my own honest opinions and recommendations.

court crate christmas

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