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What Tennis Star Serena Williams Considers To Be A Healthy Meal May Surprise You

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What Tennis Star Serena Williams Considers To Be A Healthy Meal May Surprise You

American tennis star Serena Williams is no doubt one of the greatest players to have ever played the sport. She has set so many records and it has all been possible through her amazing level of fitness.

One of the major factors in anyone’s fitness is, of course, nutrition. Obviously, Serena is heavily focused on this, and her favorite way of eating is – the vegan lifestyle. She has explained her reason for this, saying:

“I think it’s just really good to clean out your system sometimes just to get rid of all the waste and things like that that are just in your system.”

We think it’s great that Serena is following a vegan diet, and we’ll bet you’re wondering what it is exactly that she eats. Well, the American star eats a lot of things but these are her absolute favorites!


Photo Source: Serena Williams

Serena Williams’ Favorite Healthy Food

A while back, Serena opened up on what she keeps in her refrigerators. These include – kale, cucumbers, mint, vegetables, etc. This would not be appetizing for a lot of people and it probably isn’t for Serena which is why she has a favorite dish which she always makes – hummus with a plate of veggies or tacos.

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Not only is this absolutely delicious, but it also has numerous health benefits too. Hummus is extremely rich in plant-based protein and it also has ingredients that have been proven to fight inflammation. In addition to that, it controls blood sugar levels and helps maintain healthy body weight. Clearly, this a perfect dish for any athlete.

As you can see, Serena is very careful with her diet as even in her favorite dishes, there are some health benefits. This is just one of the many reasons why she has 20 Grand Slams and why she will continue to succeed in the future :)

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