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The 3 R’s to Recovering After A Big Match

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The 3 R’s to Recovering After A Big Match

Here’s a guest post from our friend Miranda Jasper…enjoy!

As a tennis player, you know how long and intense some of those tennis matches can be. Whether you are a big-time tennis player, or just played your first match, one thing is for sure, tennis can be physically demanding. According to multiple sources, you could burn between 250 and 500 calories per hour playing tennis depending intensity and your body composition. In order to recover quickly and get back to the court, follow these tips for recovery.


You can lose a lot of water and electrolytes throughout a match so it is important to rehydrate. Rehydrating will replace what was lost and make sure your body has what it needs to function properly. Hydration is also a good way to help avoid muscle cramps and help them heal up quicker.

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Getting proper nutrition is just as important as proper hydration. That sore feeling in your muscles the next day or two after you work out hard is caused by little tears in your muscle that need to be repaired. The food you eat will play a big role in repairing those muscles. Your body uses protein to help rebuild the muscles you broke down a tough workout. So make a concerted effort to get adequate protein. A few great sources of protein are eggs, meat, beans, or protein powder.


If you’ve done any strength training you know that it’s best not to work out the same muscle groups on back-to-back days so your muscles have time to recover. A big tennis match can take its toll on your body. It’s important to focus on recovery so your muscles can heal. A couple of great ways to rest include active recovery (low-intensity, low-impact exercise), massage, and sleep.

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Adhere to these 3 tips and bounce back quicker after a taxing tennis match. When you rehydrate, refuel, and rest your body, you’ll recover more quickly and be less sore. This will allow you to get back to the game that you love, whether you’re training for a competitive match or just need to get back out there for that important match with your friend.

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