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Tennis Trunk Is Tennis Awesomeness Delivered Monthy, Right To Your Door

Tennis Trunk subscription box


Tennis Trunk Is Tennis Awesomeness Delivered Monthy, Right To Your Door

Disclaimer: The Tennis Trunk was provided by Tennis Trunk so that I could use and test it; however, the review itself contains my own honest opinions and recommendations.

People are so busy these days, with work, family, and friends, charities, sports… well, life. And after life-ing all day, who wants to go shopping? Even going out for the basics like food and clothes is a pain in the you-know-what. Fortunately, there are subscription services to help make life-ing easier. Healthy meals and snacks, makeup, DIY crafts, pet supplies… the list goes on and on. But there’s only ONE for tennis players, and it is all we need. It is Tennis Trunk.

Tennis Trunk is the brainchild of tennis pro, Andres Vallejo, who also coaches at the Weston Hills Country Club in Weston, Florida. After losing a court to other players because he and his hitting buddy each assumed the other would have tennis balls (but they didn’t,) he thought how great it would be to not have to go out and buy balls, but to have them come to him, like his monthly razor subscription. So he went online in search of a similar service for tennis essentials and quickly he realized that no such thing existed… so he decided to start one himself.

Just as boutiques and country clubs offer “trunk shows,” where designers present new apparel, jewelry, and other products, Tennis Trunk is like a trunk show that’s delivered right to your door every 30 days, offering 2 cans of balls (in every box) and an endless variety of fab tennis essentials that you may or may not have even heard of. Not only that, but each product is hand-selected, tested, and approved by a chosen team of players, coaches, and professionals.

“What we want is for people to catch the tennis bug… and with Tennis Trunk, we’re giving them the tools to do that.” — Andres Vallejo, founder of

And they’ve succeeded in doing just that. As a matter of fact, when I got my box, the first thing I wanted to do was try out everything in it, and then hit the courts… and I did!

Here’s everything that came in my Tennis Trunk:

Tennis Trunk

Tennis Trunk contents

  • WILSON EXTRA DUTY TENNIS BALLS. Every box comes with 2 cans of balls, and depending on how you answer the questionnaire, they will either be regular duty for indoor/clay courts, or extra duty for hard courts.
  • MIKE’S RECOVERY MINERAL SOAK (10 oz). This one is in the “Rest” scent and it smells just as good as it works. And there was enough for two deliciously relaxing baths.
  • TOURNA SPORT TOWEL (33″ x 13″). A tennis player can never have too many sport towels, and this one is big and soft, and really absorbent.
  • HEALTH WARRIOR CHIA BARS. As a health nut, I was happy to see these were included. These are NOT your typical granola based energy bar. They are all-organic, chia seed based with real fruit, and both flavors (apple cinnamon and banana nut) taste amazing, though my fave was the apple cinnamon. And they’re ONLY 100 calories!!!
  • WALL BALL. Now, THIS is something I had never heard of before, and it is a MUST HAVE for everyone…even non-players! It’s a massage therapy tool that has a unique suction back so you can stick it to your wall or door and really work those hard to reach spots on your back, neck, shoulders, feet, and yes… even your glutes! I recently had a muscle spasm near my shoulder blade and it worked it over like a champ!
  • TENNIS TRUNK FLYER. And to top it off, Tennis Trunk also includes a flyer which gives all the deets on each product so you know exactly what you’re getting, and how to find it if you want more.

tennis trunk flyer

The bottom line is that Tennis Trunk is not just a great subscription service… it’s a great value as well. I added up what it would have cost me to purchase each item separately, and it totaled over $50, which is well over the price of even a one-time purchase!

To get your own Tennis Trunk, simply go to their website and answer 4 questions (so Tennis Trunk makes sure you get products you want) and then choose from the different subscriptions:

  • ONE-TIME PURCHASE: Choose one from 4 different boxes ($39.95)
  • MONTH-TO-MONTH (NOT PREPAID): You get a new box every month ($34.95/month)
  • 3-MONTH (PREPAID): You get a new box for 3 months ($92.85)
  • 6-MONTH (PREPAID): You get a new box for 6 months ($179.70)

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to try Tennis Trunk for yourself, and it makes the perfect gift for the tennis players in your life! And be sure and share this post with all of your tennis pals and gals so they can get some tennis awesomeness delivered to their door too!

So… where do you want your Tennis Trunk sent?


Tennis Trunk subscription box

Tennis Trunk also crowdsources by encouraging tennis players to suggest what they might want to find in the monthly box, so be sure and follow their social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on Snapchat (@tennistrunk.)

4.5 USTA rated/open champion level tennis player, vegan, fitness freak, animal lover, and smart ass who firmly believes that champagne is anathema for all ills. Right now I'm either up to my eyeballs in paint swatches and fabric samples, or kicking some butt on a tennis court (hopefully the latter).

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